Because I can. For years people have been telling me that I had a great voice for radio. After several years of public speaking, I finally decided to pursue this additional career.
So here I am.


I started my career as a software developer in 1987, and now I own and operate a medium-sized (30 people) software and outsourcing business. I choose to run the business (rather than letting the business run me). I employ great managers to do all the things that I either don’t want to do, or aren’t good at. This means I enjoy that part of my life very much, and it pays the bills.

It also means that I have time to do other things. They include taking a very strategic view of my own business, getting involved in other, related businesses, and doing things that are completely different. Like becoming a voice professional.


Melbourne, Australia. But the great thing about this business is that I can record in a local studio and send the audio files anywhere in the world in no time at all. Or I can hop on a plane and record most anywhere too.